A manufacturing process followed step by step with care and passion



The birth of an idea.

The ideas are sketched and then processed with sophisticated design programs; in this first and substantial phase teamwork is crucial; each proposal is evaluated, discussed and then drawn, checking the feasibility with 3D programs, in order to assess the final product. In this first phase we also study the best solutions to meet the specific needs of customers, such as tailored solutions or complex projects for entire spaces. BBelle never fails to fulfil the expectations of its customers.


Raw material selection and cutting

Quality, right from the start.

The wood used in production is carefully selected; only the best wood is cut to obtain the different pieces used to manufacture our products. The choice of the wood is the first step towards high quality. Only skilful experts that follow each phase have the necessary know-how to select the part of the trunk that will guarantee the quality and resistance in time of our furniture.
After having been selected and cut the wood goes to the following stage.


Inlay process

The heart of the identity of each piece of furniture.

Inlay is a type of decoration obtained with an extremely fascinating technique that is based on the harmonious contrast of the various shades of wood or fine metals, mother of pearl or any other material used to confer a particular identity to a piece of furniture. Inlay consists of pieces of veneer of different colours or another material inserted in cut spaces to create decorative designs. This operation is performed by an inlayer or a cabinet maker specialised in designs; this work requires a great sensitivity and experience.
An inlay defines the character of a piece of furniture and makes it unique.


Veneering of flat, curved and rounded panels

Defining surfaces.

The veneering technique confers a particular character to the surfaces of our furniture, following the shape of the design.
The panels are veneered in-house and the sides can be covered with various types of wood.
These panels are suitable for high quality carpentry work, for furniture, doors and wardrobes; this technique is not only carried out on flat surfaces but also on curved and rounded surfaces.


Laser cutting

Advanced technology for high precision work.

The use of laser technology allows us to create, with extreme precision, inlays and details on the surfaces of the furniture of our collections. We use state-of-the-art machinery to create precious details that add personality and uniqueness to every environment.


Laser engraving

The personalisation of surfaces.

The high resolution engraving offered by a laser cannot be achieved with any other technique.
In this processing phase we can personalise furniture with the decorative patterns and fanciful details previously agreed with the customer.



Shaping the furniture.

In this processing stage we use modern milling machinery to quickly obtain semifinished components that make up our pieces of furniture. Milling is a mechanical processing phase that changes the profile of a piece by means of numerical control devices. We adopt state-of-the-art machinery for this type of operation guaranteeing high production capacity and fast output.



Preparing the wood to be varnished.

Sanding is a complex operation carried out using special tools. The aim of this stage is to prepare the wood to be varnished and in fact it significantly influences the final result. During this process the wood surface is smoothed to eliminate the signs of previous processes and to prepare the material for the next stages.



Building the piece of furniture.

In the assembly stage the different parts that make up a piece of furniture are fitted together. This is a very delicate moment that must be carried out with great expertise to obtain a product that is stable and harmonious. Our employees are specialised in the assembly of all types of furniture, smooth or with inlays, shaped or curved. Each section must be fitted to the other with great precision so that once assembled the piece of furniture is ready for use.



Personality and durability enclosed in a colour.

In this stage the furniture’s “skin” is defined. The natural grain can be enhanced or vice versa a new contemporary or classic look can be given to the structure. Every finishing operation, from modern lacquering to hand painting, is carried out to complete the style of the product in the most harmonious way.
Lacquering is available in a wide range of colours. We offer open pore lacquering, typical of classic furniture, which leaves the characteristics of the wood such as grain, knots and pores visible and noticeable to the touch. We also carry out closed pore lacquering which confers to the furniture the sinuosity and relief characteristics typical of contemporary furniture. Matt, gloss, patina and textured finishes are available.
Polishing is an essential operation to preserve wood furniture, while lacquering adds shine and aesthetic effects to the product in the desired colour.


Gold/silver leaf application

The height of luxuriousness.

You can’t talk about luxury without mentioning gold leaf applications. Gold and silver leaf gilding is the application of a thin layer of metal onto a surface. This is a very important technique in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings, both in classic and contemporary style.
Gilding is very fascinating because it is a very difficult and delicate technique. It requires a number of days and different processing stages, but the final result is undoubtedly alluring.
The procedure has remained unchanged, and today it is the same as in past times.



The dress of wood furniture.

In this phase padding is added to certain pieces of furniture. A wide range of fabrics is available. The selection of these is constantly updated.
In our factory we carry out all types of upholstery, even according to customer specifications.
The covers are selected according to the use of the furniture and the environment in which it will be placed; we have fabric collections with colours and designs to satisfy all tastes and styles. We offer technical, water resistant, leather, fauxleather, washable and precious handcrafted fabrics: each to their own.


Quality control

Controls, controls and more controls.

We have an in-house woodworking workshop so we can supply our customers with finished furniture or unfinished furniture ready to be varnished. In any case whichever solution the customer chooses our products only leave the factory after careful and strict quality control. All items are checked, one by one, in the different production stages and the finished product is always expertly checked before being packaged.
High quality standards are of fundamental importance to us.